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First TEW Champion:
Sean Cordova

First Elite Champion:
Jason Skyy

First Innovation Champion:
Cory Summers

First Tag-Team Champions:
World of Madness

First Grand Slam Champion:

Most TEW Title Holds:
Maxx Lavaro (5)

Most Elite Title Holds:
Fantastico; Mykal Kross (3)

Grand Slam Champions:
Mongoose; Payne; Cory Summers
Chris Preston; Mykal Kross
Sean Cordova; Jason Skyy
Hunter Dude Preston;
Maxx Lavaro

Triple Crown Champions:
Mongoose; Maxx Lavaro;
Rancid Jack Stevens;
Sean Cordova; Jason Skyy;
Colton Shane; Chris Preston;
Payne; Fantastico; Court Caution;
Cory Summers; Ultimo Astro;
Mykal Kross

Simultaneous Holder of
TEW & Elite Title:

Chris Preston; Cory Summers

Simultaneous Holder of
TEW & Innovation Title:


Simultaneous Holder of
Innovation & Tag-Team Title:

Jeremy Preston

Longest TEW Title Reign:
Rancid Jack Stevens
(11 Months & 9 Days)

Longest Elite Title Reign:
Jay Larthario
(6 Months & 21 Days)

Longest Innovation
Title Reign:

(8 Months & 28 Days)

Longest Tag-Team Title Reign:
(9 Months & 14 Days)

Shortest TEW Title Reign:
Maxx Lavaro
(5 Minutes)

Shortest Elite Title Reign:
Mykal Kross
(4 Minutes & 16 Seconds)

Shortest Tag-Team Title Reign:
Kross Insanity
(2 Hours & 3 Minutes)

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