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Decade of Elite: ...

Patrick L. Wallace


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TEW Results

[View the first year of TEW as Sean Cordova fought Krazy J (Maxx Lavaro) in huge battles for the TEW Title. Also, several new wrestlers came in and made an impact such as New Age Dogg, Mongoose, Bruiser, Tony Fantana and several others!]
Match of 2004: October 2, 2004 - Sean Cordova vs. Krazy J (Maxx Lavaro) in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match.

[The start of the year belonged to Mongoose as he became the TEW Champion and Commissioner. Also in 2005 the Elite Title debuted as Jason Skyy became the first ever champion.]
Match of 2005: April 10, 2005 - Ricky Roberts vs. Jason Skyy vs. Maxx Lavaro vs. Sean Cordova in a 4-Way Ladder Match.

[Many new wrestlers made their debut including Ryan LaBre, Steven Stairwell, Chris Preston, Rancid Jack Stevens, Seth Shai, Chance Wyndam and Jay Larthario. Maxx Lavaro won the Texas Elite Tournament. Fantastico fought Bizarro in the first ever Buried Alive Match in Independent Wrestling history. Late 2006, Seth Shai captured the TEW Title. The Roxbury Boyz made an impact as Cordova & Skyy debuted the new personas in TEW.]
Match of 2006: June 6, 2006 - Fantastico vs. Bizarro in the Buried Alive Match.

[Mongoose dominated the year by winning the Elite Title and the Tag-Team Titles with Rancid Jack Stevens. Chris Preston surprised the fans by winning the TEW Title from Seth Shai. Jay Larthario rised to the top and won the Elite Title as did Chance Wyndam with the TEW Title. Both Mongoose and Maxx Lavaro became Triple Crown Champions. #1 Stunnas ended the year off by becoming the Tag-Team Champions and Court Caution finally had his first professional match.]
Match of 2007: July 8, 2007 - Seth Shai vs. Maxx Lavaro vs. Chris Preston in a Triple Threat Match.

[Rancid Jack Stevens, Mikey Malice and Jay Larthario won the Texas Elite tournament. Chance Wyndam was stripped of the TEW Title, only to regain it in a criminal act. Rancid Jack became the third Triple Crown Champion. Court Caution captured the TEW Presidency from Ultimo Astro. Mikey Malice had one of the biggest wins in his career winning the Elite Title, only for Jason Skyy to cheat him out of the title two months later.]
Match of 2008: July 13, 2008 - Rancid Jack Stevens vs. Court Caution in the Unlucky 13 Match.

[Steven Stairwell won the Texas Elite tournament followed by the Delinquents winning the Tag-Team Titles. Fantastico defeated Jason Skyy to win the Elite title in the first ever meeting of the two. Court Caution won the TEW Title and dropped the Presidency by joining with Tommy Jaggers. Maxx Lavaro named himself the TEW President. The Tag-Team titles were stripped from the Delinquents with the Regulators becoming new champions. Ultimo and Excelente Astro ended off the year by winning the Elite Title. Chris & Hunter Preston united as a team after several brother vs. brother matches. Colton Shane joined with Tommy Jaggers. Allen Michaels cost Chris Preston the TEW Title with the "Chairshot that changed the face of TEW".]
Match of 2009: February 22, 2009 - Chris Preston vs. Mongoose in a #1 Contender's Match.

[Pooch won the Texas Elite tournament match which saw him join Tommy Jaggers and Jaggers Inc. instead of cashing in a TEW Title shot. Mongoose did the unthinkable and followed to the darkside with Jaggers. TEW held two successful shows at the East Texas Gusher Days festival. The Elite Elevation Tournament began with Colton Shane being the first entrant. Chris Preston and Court Caution had a bloody war at Texas Face-Off 7 that saw Chris Preston capture the TEW Title for the second time. Sean Cordova won the TEW Presidency in the Founding Forefathers Match and subsequently fired Jason Skyy. Sean Cordova and Maxx Lavaro battled one another in a Dog Collar Match and in the end saw Lavaro lose his wrestling career. TEW held two successful shows in Gilmer, Texas at the East Texas Yamboree. Chris Preston became the first holder of two titles simultaneously as he won the Elite Title while holding the TEW Title. Hunter Dude Preston turned on his brother and won the Elite Title and Sean Cordova won the TEW Title from Chris Preston in the same match.]
Match of 2010: May 30, 2010 - Chris Preston vs. Court Caution in the Texas Face-Off 7 Main Event.

[Cory Summers won the Texas Elite tournament match in January. Maxx Lavaro and Jason Skyy were reinstated as wrestlers. Maxx Lavaro signed as the CEO of TEW. Texas Elite Wrestling held three shows at the East Texas Gusher Days. Colton Shane took the win in the main event of Texas Face-Off 8 against Rancid Jack Stevens to win the Elite Elevation Tournament. Sean Cordova and Jason Skyy battled throughout the summer with Archangel turning against Jason Skyy and joining the First Family. Archangel changed his wrestling name to Mykal Kross. Fantastico was injury stricken most of the year when Mongoose broke his clavicle in June. Maxx Lavaro won the TEW Title for a record-breaking fifth time. Mongoose became the first man in TEW to become a Grand Slam Champion. Both Colton Shane and Cory Summers left First Family and joined with Mongoose's Pretty Young Things. In October TEW held a special tribute show for Charles Wallace. Khan returned to TEW with vengeance against Court Caution. Jason Skyy won the yearly #1 Contender's Battle Royal and got back into the TEW Title division since 2006 by defeating Colton Shane for the TEW Title. ]
Match of 2011: July 31, 2011 - Hunter Dude Preston vs. Colton Shane vs. Rancid Jack Stevens in a Triple Threat Match

[Khan returned full-time to TEW and won the Texas Elite Tournament and one month later captured the Innovation Title. Chance Wyndam and Pooch also returned to the company and the trio formed Doomsday Mafia alongside Tommy Jaggers. In the annual Gladewater vs. Gilmer Match at the East Texas Gusher Days Gilmer was victorious after Brad Kuza refused to make the count for Gladewater. Brad Kuza signed a contract becoming the Executive Director. Chris Preston’s seven year Texas Face-Off winning streak came to an end by Fantastico. Jason Skyy won the Tables Match at Texas Face-Off 9 to become the Chief Executive Officer. Hunter Dude Preston proved he was “America.” Official Kaelin Criss made his in-ring debut as K. Ranger. Several new tag-teams joined the ranks such as Kings of Fortune, Kross Insanity and Caged Rangers. TEW held the second annual Charles Wallace Tribute Show in which Cory Summers was the first winner of the Charles Wallace Thumbs Up Award. Payne and Khan battled several months in order to find out who the hardest hitting wrestler was in TEW. Chris Preston won the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal for the second time in his career. Chance Wyndam was named Chief Operating Officer. Chris Preston won the election to become the TEW President. Lastly, Roxbury Boyz returned to TEW and introduced Colton Shane as the third member.]
Match of 2012: June 3, 2012 - Chance Wyndam vs. Rancid Jack Stevens in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match

[Payne won the Texas Elite Tournament in the first month of the year. Chris & Hunter Preston's nephew, Jeremy Preston, joined the TEW Roster in April debuting at the East Texas Gusher Days. The Innovation Title changed hands the most times in this year since its debut as Justin Sane, Mykal Kross, Chris Preston, Sean Cordova and Chaz Thomas were title holders. Fantastico successfully cashed the Golden Ticket in and won the TEW Heavyweight Title. He would go onto Texas Face-Off 10 and defend it against Chris Preston in a Ladder Match. One month later, he forfeited the title due to injuries and retired from professional wrestling. The Dead End Alliance formed with the likes of Mongoose, Pooch, Cory Summers, Brian Tonik, Justin Sane and Rancid Jack Stevens. Maxx Lavaro's trainee, Dylan Smasher, made his TEW debut. Jason Skyy received a concussion by the hands of Chris Preston and Brad Kuza which resulted into retrograde amnesia now referring to himself as Chaz Thomas. The Tag-Team Titles changed hands numerous times in a Gauntlet Match with teams such as Cory Summers & Sean Cordova, Dead End Alliance and Los Astros capturing the titles. Payne, Cory Summers, Mykal Kross, Chris Preston, Sean Cordova and Chaz Thomas became Grand Slam Champions in 2013. Khan had his final TEW Match in August. Hunter Dude Preston won the 2013 Charles Wallace Thumbs Up Award. Cory Summers defeated Andy Dalton at the Charles Wallace Tribute Show III to win the TEW Heavyweight Title. A war between two groups began as The Rise (Pro-TEW) against The Demise (Anti-TEW) in November. The Independent Wrestling Commerce was finally revealed as Slim Matthew, Jeff Clemons, Larry Grimes, Rob Wells, and Chris Grimes. Mykal Kross won the #1 Contender's Battle Royal and later in the night would go on to capture the TEW Title by defeating Cory Summers. Creed made his presence known with impact when he debuted in November. Chaz Thomas and Chris Preston battled one another in the Death Without Honor Match that many are saying could possibly be the bloodiest match in TEW history.]
Match of 2013: May 18, 2013 - Fantastico vs. Chris Preston in a Ladder Match

[Court Caution won the Texas Elite Tournament also picking up the Elite Title in the same match. Jeremy Preston, the youngest Preston, won his first singles gold as he defeated his uncle Chris Preston for the Innovation Title. Jeremy Preston and Maxx Lavaro competed in the first ever Crimson Halo Match. Cory Summers fought his way to the TEW Heavyweight Title and had to fight tooth and nail to overcome the big man of The Demise, Monster Creed. Monster Creed became a free agent after losing the match in which he took his frustrations out on Slim Matthew. Los Astros disbanded and the two would go on as enemies. Maxx Lavaro became a Grand Slam Champion. Tiger T pulled out 23 Suplex Variations in one match. TEW traveled to Dylan Smasher's hometown of Grand Saline. Gladewater and Gilmer teamed together at East Texas Gusher Days. Chris Grimes had his TEW debut as a wrestler defeating Chaz Thomas! Colton Shane, Assault, Rancid Jack Stevens, and Eightball returned to TEW. The teams of Court Mafia, #1 Stunnas, Neo-Affliction, Kings of Fortune, Roxbury Boyz, and Doomsday Mafia reunited. The final event at the Wallace Arena was held on May 18, 2014.]
Match of the Decade: May 30, 2010 - Court Caution vs. Chris Preston
Wrestler of the Decade: Maxx Lavaro

[Texas Elite Wrestling returned to the East Texas Gusher Days and held two events: Charles Wallace Tribute Show IV & Texas Face-Off 12! Dylan Smasher won the rematch against Hunter Dude Preston. Ultimo Astro pinned Colton Shane in an impromptu match after he slipped on the ropes. Khan won the 2015 Battlefield lastly eliminating HDP. Chaz Thomas pinned Cory Summers in a non-title triple threat match. Team LOL defeated Team TEW in the TEW vs. LOL 6-Man Tag-Team Match. Slim Matthew served as manager of TEW and Larry Grimes managed LOL. Slim Matthew finally received retribution over Chris Preston after the superkick he received from 2013. Larry Grimes was introduced to TEW's Living Legend Rancid Jack Stevens and a kendo stick. Monster Creed won his first singles match by defeating Mykal Kross. Rancid Jack Stevens won the 2015 King of Gusher Days Match. Ultimo Astro had his retirement match teaming with Fantastico and defeating Colton Shane & Excelente Astro. Ultimo Astro told Slim Matthew that Excelente Astro deserved a title match at the 2016 East Texas Gusher Days. Ultimo Astro scored another impromptu win over Colton Shane after Fantastico tripped him as he was getting into the ring. Dylan Smasher won the first annual East Texas Gusher Days Elite Games besting Hunter Dude Preston to 3-2. Sean Cordova wins a 4-Way Match to become the 2015 Texas Elite Winner. Cory Summers retains the TEW Heavyweight Title after pinning Khan.]

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