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December 13, 2011

Irvine Insight

Hello and welcome to a new edition of the Irvine Insight. I haven't written a new report in awhile so there is so much to cover. First let me say congratulations to both Jason Skyy and Hunter Dude Preston on their huge title wins. Jason Skyy captured the TEW Heavyweight Championship at Battlefield 2011, on November 6, 2011 after pinning Colton Shane. This marked the third TEW Title win in his career. Hunter Dude Preston took the Innovation Championship from Mongoose's grasp at the same event and ended the near nine month reign of Mongoose. I am definitely looking forward to see what happens in the future of these two athletes.

We are nearing Texas Face-Off 9 that will be live on May 20, 2012. The countdown is already underway on the main page. At this precise time it is 159 days away. We hope to see everyone out on that day supporting Texas Elite Wrestling. We will be announcing matches very soon. I have heard from Jason Skyy, our TEW President, that fans will actually know the main event of Texas Face-Off 9 at the first show of the year at Texas Elite 2012 on January 29, 2012!

And speaking of Texas Elite 2012, the show is focused on who is crowned the Texas Elite Winner. Since the debut of the Texas Elite tournament we have crowned several winners which include Jason Skyy, Maxx Lavaro, Mongoose, a trio of Rancid Jack Stevens, Mikey Malice and Jay Larthario, Steven Stairwell, Pooch and last year's winner Cory Summers. The last three years we have crowned the winner by holding a 10-Man Tag-Team Elimination Match; however, this year will be different.

The tournament-based event will see two singles matches, one tag-team match, one triple threat match and one 4-Way match. The winners of each match will then advance to the main event which will be a 6-Way Elimination Match. The last man standing will be the 2012 Texas Elite Winner! I would like to take this time to rundown the complete line-up for this incredible event.

The matches that are listed on the website is not the official match order of the event. The first match listed on the website is the tag-team match of Static Age (Jason Skyy & Joey Corman) taking on Pretty Young Things (Mongoose & Colton Shane.) This match was scheduled for September 2011, but due to the sudden death of Charles Wallace the show was cancelled. This is a contest that I have been waiting to see. There is so much history between all four wrestlers. Joey Corman is a former Pretty Young Thing with Mongoose. They had a quick rise to success early in the year with them both winning singles championships. And of course there is animosity between Jason Skyy and Colton Shane that stems from the title loss on November 6th. We know that will winners will advance to the 6-Way Elimination Match, but honestly I couldn't even choose a winner. If this show wasn't focused as tournament-based this tag-team match could easily be the main event of any show.

We then move onto the grudge match between Sean Cordova and Cory Summers. The two were members of the First Family and at the end saw Cory Summers kick Sean Cordova out of the group. He then went on and paired himself up with the Pretty Young Things. The feud between the two began in the summer of 2011 when Cory Summers began questioning Sean Cordova about his future and when he was going to get his "shot" in Texas Elite Wrestling. This didn't ring too well to Sean Cordova who made it apparent that if Cory Summers wanted a shot he would have to take it. Cory Summers did just that when he took it upon himself to throw him out of the First Family and show everyone in TEW that he was willing to do whatever it took to get to the top. Sean Cordova is on a road to redemption as he has stated numerous times that he is a changed man and beating Cory Summers would certainly put him in good light with the fans and wrestlers alike.

In another qualifying match we have a 4-Way Match that features Maxx Lavaro, Hunter Dude Preston, Rancid Jack Stevens and newcomer Justin Kash. I spoke to the TEW President Jason Skyy and he explained to me that he was looking forward to this match because it has unpredictable written all over it. This is a unique contest indeed. Two challengers in this match are former TEW Heavyweight Champions: Maxx Lavaro and Rancid Jack Stevens. One is the current Innovation Champion: Hunter Dude Preston. And lastly we have the newcomer: Justin Kash. This is a big break for Justin Kash. This is his first official match in Texas Elite Wrestling and if he could somehow pull out the win it would be the biggest upset in TEW history. Just for the record, the Innovation Title is NOT on the line in this match.

From a 4-Way to a Triple Threat we will see Chris Preston against Khan and his own tag-team partner Court Caution. This is an interesting match of not just because the rivalry of Khan and Court Caution, but what has been happening as of late. For starters at Battlefield 2011 during the battle royal Chris Preston actually eliminated Court Caution from the match. That could easily come between the two friends. Also one has to remember only one man can advance from this match to the main event. Neither Chris Preston nor Court Caution has been crowned the Texas Elite Winner before. But do not forget about Khan who is calling himself "The East Texas Killing Machine." He has claimed he is back in Texas Elite Wrestling to make an impact. He has mentioned that he is like an uncrowned king in this company and becoming the Texas Elite Winner would give him high achievement that he has desired.

The last qualifying match actually has the Elite Title on the line as Payne defends against Mykal Kross. The last time these two men were in the ring together was at Battlefield 2011 in the triple threat tag-team match that saw Payne team with Sean Cordova against Static Age and Mykal Kross and Maxx Lavaro. After Static Age brawled to the backstage with the Pretty Young Things, Mykal Kross pinned the shoulders of Payne down to the mat. Could we see the same fate on January 29, 2012? Could we see a new champion crowned or will the title reign of Payne carry on into the seventh month? Both challengers would love to add being the 2012 Texas Elite Winner of their career highlights.

And right when you think the card is done Texas Elite Wrestling has more in store for the fans with a special challenge match with Anthony Kraze taking on Fantastico! This match was actually scheduled to happen earlier in the year, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the match was postponed. The year of 2011 was not Fantastico's year by any means as he had been stricken with injury after injury. In June, he broke his clavicle which put him out for four months. He returned and had a fantastic Dog Collar Match with Mongoose, but the month that followed saw him receive a mild concussion from Mongoose. All the incidents that I just mentioned were all because of Mongoose. This could be a new chapter in the career of Fantastico. Anthony Kraze has the similar story that also features Mongoose. He walked into 2011 as the Innovation Champion, but due to an absence the title was stripped from him and who won the title afterwards? The grand slam champion of Texas Elite Wrestling - Mongoose. Anthony Kraze and Fantastico would then go into Texas Face-Off 8 as a team taking on Mongoose and Joey Corman. Both the Elite and Innovation Title of Corman and Mongoose were on the line, but the stipulation was whoever got the winning pin would leave as a champion. In the end, Fantastico pinned Joey Corman and left as the Elite Champion. In return, Anthony Kraze left as a winner but not as a champion. This match is not for any titles, but it is very important nonetheless. Both men want a new start and this match allows just that. Of course we at TEW will have more surprises in store as always. Mongoose has stated that he has placed out a five hundred dollar bounty on Hunter Dude Preston. Will someone take that challenge? Will Hunter Dude Preston have two matches to worry about on January 29th? We will find out soon enough! Come out to Gladewater, Texas at 3pm and watch the action live!

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