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Innovation Title History

(To view Innovation Title matches online click here)

3/23/14 - Maxx Lavaro defeated Jeremy Preston, Chris Preston & Dylan Smasher in a 4-Way Elimination Match.

1/27/14 - Jeremy Preston defeated Chris Preston.

12/1/13 - Chris Preston (2) defeated Chaz Thomas in a Death Without Honor Match.

12/1/13 - Chaz Thomas defeated Sean Cordova in an impromptu title match.

12/1/13 - Sean Cordova defeated Chris Preston in a Dog Collar Match.

11/3/13 - Chris Preston defeated Mykal Kross, Mongoose and Pooch.

10/6/13 - Mykal Kross defeated Justin Sane at the Charles Wallace Tribute Show III.

4/14/13 - Justin Sane defeated Payne.

10/7/12 - Payne defeated Khan in a Last Man Standing Match at the Charles Wallace Tribute Show II.

2/26/12 - Khan defeated Hunter Dude Preston.

11/6/11 - Hunter Dude Preston defeated Mongoose.

3/20/11 - Mongoose defeated Archangel, Ultimo Astro & Excelente Astro in a 4-Way Elimination Match to win the vacant title.

10/17/10 - Anthony Kraze defeated Cory Summers.

8/1/10 - Cory Summers won a 4-Way Elimination Match to become the first Innovation Champion.

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