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  • Jeremy Preston defends against Chris Preston, Dylan Smasher and Maxx Lavaro on March 23, 2014.

  • Innovation Title - Internet Exclusives

    All Innovation Title Matches in entirety are exclusively available online by clicking these links below.

    Jeremy Preston (c) vs. Chris Preston vs. Dylan Smasher vs. Maxx Lavaro
    [Salvation - 3.23.14]

    Chris Preston (c) vs. Jeremy Preston
    [Texas Elite 2014 - 1.26.14]

    Chris Preston (c) vs. Sean Cordova
    [Painfully Ever After - 12.1.13]

    Mykal Kross (c) vs. Mongoose vs. Pooch vs. Chris Preston
    [Battlefield 2013 - 11.3.13]

    Justin Sane (c) vs. Mykal Kross
    [Charles Wallace Tribute Show III - 10.6.13]

    Justin Sane (c) vs. Tiger T vs. Keith Cage vs. Rage
    [Night of the Killa - 8.11.13]

    Justin Sane (c) vs. Payne
    [Texas Face-Off 10 - 5.18.13]

    Payne (c) vs. Justin Sane
    [Doomsday Rising - 4.14.13]

    Payne (c) vs. Sean Cordova vs. Chris Preston
    [Marshall, Texas - 4.6.13]

    Payne (c) vs. Khan vs. Anthony Kraze
    vs. Hunter Dude Preston vs. Mykal Kross vs. Justin Sane

    [Texas Elite 2013 - 1.20.13]

    Payne (c) vs. Justin Sane
    [No Shenanigans - 12.2.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Payne II
    [Charles Wallace Tribute Show II - 10.7.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Sean Cordova
    [Vicious Circles - 9.23.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Maxx Lavaro vs. K. Ranger
    [Double Edged Sword - 9.2.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Sean Cordova vs. Mongoose vs. Chris Preston
    [Out For Blood - 7.8.12]

    Khan (c) vs. K. Ranger vs. Hunter Dude Preston
    [Gladewater, Texas | Private Birthday Party - 6.30.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Payne
    [Texas Face-Off 9 - 5.20.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Black Train
    [Marshall, Texas - 5.5.12]

    Khan (c) vs. Chris Preston
    [Unlimited - 4.21.12]

    Hunter Dude Preston (c) vs. Khan
    [Cataclysm - 2.26.12]

    Hunter Dude Preston (c) vs. Anthony Kraze vs. Sean Cordova
    [Marshall, Texas - 2.25.12]

    Hunter Dude Preston (c) vs. Ultimo Astro
    HDP (c) vs. Maxx Lavaro vs. Justin Kash vs. Rancid Jack Stevens

    [Texas Elite 2012 - 1.29.12]

    Mongoose (c) vs. Hunter Dude Preston
    [Battlefield 2011 - 11.6.11]

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