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Titles Held:
TEW Heavyweight (2)
Elite (2)
Tag-Team (4)

Career Highlights:
Match of the Decade
Former Member of The Rise
Tenth Triple Crown Champion
Former Last of the Real Member
Tag-Team of 2012
Match of the Year in 2010
Wrestler of 2009
Match of the Year in 2008
Most Hated of 2007
Former Jaggers Inc. Associate
Former TEW President
Former Empire Leader
Former TEW Commissioner
Former Court Mafia Leader
Former Ring Announcer

Wrestling Style:

TEW Debut:
June 6, 2006

Signature Moves:
Center of the Universe
Cuuuu Cruzer
The Moonsault
The Caution Sword
The Ultimate Caution Clutch
Clutch Front Guillotine

"Extreme" Signature Move:
"Balls" Fatality

Court F'N Caution

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 187 lbs.

Hometown: Caution Universe

Finishing Move: The Blast Off Frog Splash

Past Associates
Chris Preston | Sean Cordova | Jason Skyy
Khan | Kris Katera | Maxx Lavaro
Chance Wyndam | Eightball | Pooch
Black Train | Leslie Payne

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