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  • Kross Insanity won the Tag-Team Titles.

  • Maxx Lavaro fought and defeated Court Caution and Brad Kuza in the Caution Deathbed Match.

  • Payne won the 2013 Texas Elite Tournament.

  • The Tag-Team Titles were stripped from Kross Insanity due to Mykal Kross being suspended indefinitely by Jason Skyy.

  • Texas Red returned to Texas Elite Wrestling on April 14, 2013.

  • Jeremy Preston, nephew of Chris & Hunter Dude Preston, made his TEW debut.

  • The Last of the Real won the Tag-Team Titles.

  • 4-Way High Stakes featuring Brad Kuza, Maxx Lavaro, Sean Cordova and Court Caution was signed for Texas Face-Off 10.

  • Rancid Jack Stevens returned to Texas Elite Wrestling on April 14, 2013.

  • Career vs. Career Match with Anthony Kraze and Rancid Jack Stevens was signed for Texas Face-Off 10.

  • Justin Sane won the Innovation Title by defeating Payne.

  • "Big Killa" Khan won the TEW Heavyweight Title by defeating Pooch.

  • Mykal Kross returned to TEW after attacking Sean Cordova on April 20, 2013 at the East Texas Gusher Days. First match back was against Payne in a winning battle.

  • Court Caution won the Elite Title defeating Tiger T on April 20, 2013.

  • Chris Preston won the TEW Heavyweight Title defeating Khan on April 20, 2013.

  • Fantastico successfully cashed in the golden ticket seconds after Chris Preston won the title on April 20, 2013.

  • In the annual Gladewater vs. Gilmer Match, Gilmer was victorious. Record: 3-4

  • Chris Preston kicked Court Caution out of The Last of the Real.

  • Maxx Lavaro was crowned 2013 King of Gusher Days.

  • A second Gladewater vs. Gilmer Match occurred at the East Texas Gusher Days with Gladewater coming out on top. Record: 4-4

  • Pretty Rico made his TEW debut.

  • Justin Sane joined Dead End Allaince at Texas Face-Off 10.

  • Brad Kuza won the High Stakes Match at Texas Face-Off 10 which allowed him to cut Maxx Lavaro's hair.

  • Fantastico battled and defeated Chris Preston in the main event Ladder Match at Texas Face-Off 10.

  • Fantastico retired from professional wrestling on June 2, 2013 and as a result had no choice but to forfeit the TEW Heavyweight Championship.

  • Logan returned to Texas Elite Wrestling.

  • Mykal Kross attacked Official Larry Grimes.

  • Rancid Jack Stevens turned on Khan which allowed Pooch to win the Doomsday Rules Match.

  • Sean Cordova was pinned in a tag-team match and the stipulation was that he would have to join The Last of the Real as a lackey.

  • Maxx Lavaro and Brad Kuza ended their feud with a Dog Collar I Quit Match.

  • Joey Corman returned to Texas Elite Wrestling serving as the manager to Logan.

  • Cory Summers was kicked out of Dead End Alliance.

  • Maxx Lavaro's trainee, Dylan Smasher, made his TEW debut.

  • Lamech made his TEW debut.

  • Jason Skyy received a concussion due to an attack by The Last of the Real.

  • Larry Grimes had his first TEW match by defeating Mykal Kross.

  • Payne won the vacant TEW Heavyweight Title by winning the 6-Way Elimination Match.

  • Cory Summers won the vacant Elite Title by winning a 4-Way Match.

  • Pooch was kicked out of Dead End Alliance.

  • Jason Skyy, now referring to himself as Chaz Thomas, returned to the ring not medically cleared after receiving a concussion that he grown into retrograde amnesia.

  • The Tag-Team Titles changed hands several times in a Tag-Team Title Gauntlet with Cory Summers & Sean Cordova, Dead End Alliance and Los Astros capturing gold, but The Last of the Real left the gauntlet still with the championship in the end.

  • Hunter Dude Preston believes a war is coming that could potentially end Texas Elite Wrestling.

  • "Big Killa" Khan had his final wrestling match by defeating Chris Preston & Rancid Jack Stevens in a triple threat Lumberjack Match.

  • Black Train returned to Texas Elite Wrestling.

  • Mykal Kross captured the Innovation Championship.

  • Justin Sane had his final Texas Elite Wrestling match against Mykal Kross.

  • Chaz Thomas won the Elite Eight Match after assistance from HDP last eliminating Court Caution.

  • Cory Summers def. Andy Dalton to win the TEW Championship at the Charles Wallace Tribute Show III.

  • Independent Wrestling Commerce finally revealed with the members of Slim Matthew, Larry Grimes, Chris Grimes, Rob Wells and Jeff Clemons.

  • Maxx N' Smash Connection captured Tag-Team Titles.

  • Chris Preston captured the Innovation Championship.

  • Mykal Kross won the #1 Contender's Battle Royal at Battlefield 2013.

  • The war of The Rise and The Demise began at Battlefield 2013.

  • Logan captured the Elite Title.

  • Slim Matthew revealed his true colors by turning on Rob Wells.

  • Creed makes his impactful TEW debut.

  • Mykal Kross captured the TEW Title.

  • Sean Cordova wins Innovation Title.

  • Chaz Thomas wins Innovation Title.

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