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  • Mykal Kross won the Elite Title, but minutes later Assault made his return and won the title.

  • Khan won the 2012 Texas Elite Tournament.

  • Doomsday Mafia debuted in TEW consisting of Khan, Chance Wyndam, Pooch and Tommy Jaggers.

  • Khan won Innovation Title.

  • Eightball returned to Texas Elite Wrestling.

  • Tiger T made his TEW debut.

  • Chance Wyndam returned to Texas Elite Wrestling.

  • Mongoose won the TEW Heavyweight Title.

  • Teams of Kross Insanity and Kings of Fortune joined the tag-team ranks.

  • Rancid Jack Stevens and Anthony Kraze fought in their first ever singles match.

  • Texas Face-Off 9 Table Match between Maxx Lavaro, Jason Skyy and Colton Shane was officially signed.

  • Gilmer defeated Gladewater at the East Texas Gusher Days.

  • Bradley Kuza was introduced by Maxx Lavaro as the Executive Director of TEW.

  • Sean Cordova was crowned the 2012 King of Gusher Days.

  • Hunter Dude Preston had his final Gusher Days match as a high school student by defeating his longtime rival Colton Shane in the main event.

  • Tex-Mex Connection won the first ever Elite Warfare Match for the Tag-Team Championships.

  • Chris Preston's 7 year Texas Face-Off winning streak was ended by Fantastico.

  • Colton Shane won the Third Annual Gladewater Gauntlet.

  • The match between Khan and Payne to find out who was the hardest hitting wrestler of TEW went to a draw.

  • Cory Summers defeated Sean Cordova in a Dog Collar Match.

  • Jason Skyy became the TEW CEO after winning the Tables Match against Maxx Lavaro and Colton Shane.

  • Assault had his final TEW Match after losing the Elite Title to Mykal Kross in the Loser Leaves TEW Match.

  • Hunter Dude Preston won the TEW Championship in the main event Iron Man Match against Mongoose.

  • Sean Cordova fought Cory Summers in a Come As You Are Street Fight.

  • Chris Moore made his TEW debut.

  • K. Ranger made his TEW debut.

  • Rancid Jack Stevens and Chance Wyndam fought in the first ever Fans Bring the Weapons Match in TEW History.

  • Kings of Fortune became #1 Contenders for the Tag-Team Titles after winning a #1 Contender's Gauntlet Match.

  • Court Caution defeated Maxx Lavaro in the third ever Unlucky 13 Match.

  • Kings of Fortune won the Tag-Team Titles.

  • Justin Sane won the Elite Title.

  • The first ever Throwback Match was held with Chris Preston taking on Payne.

  • Brad Kuza had his first official TEW Match.

  • Sean Cordova fought and defeated Cory Summers in the first ever Fans Lumberjack Strap Match.

  • Colton Shane was kicked out of Pretty Young Things.

  • Mongoose and Payne had their first ever singles match.

  • Pooch was the sole survivor in the 4-Way Stable Elimination Match.

  • TEW held the second annual Charles Wallace Tribute Show.

  • Payne won the Innovation Title defeating Khan.

  • Regulators came back for a one night reunion.

  • Chris Preston won the #1 Battle Royal for the second time in his career.

  • Tiger T won the Elite Title defeating Mykal Kross in a Submissionist Challenge.

  • Pooch won the TEW Heavyweight Title by ending Hunter Dude Preston's seven month reign.

  • Jason Skyy announced that Chance Wyndam's new authority role is the Chief Operating Officer.

  • Chris Preston won the election to become the TEW President.

  • The team of Roxbury Boyz made their TEW return.

  • The Last of the Real won the Tag-Team Titles for the second time together.

  • Colton Shane became the third member of the Roxbury Boyz.

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    Texas Elite 2012, 1/29/12

    Cataclysm, 2/26/12


    Numbered Days, 3/25/12


    Unlimited, 4/21/12
    Project Elite, 4/21/12


    Texas Face-Off 9, 5/20/12


    America, 6/3/12


    Out for Blood, 7/8/12


    The Few, The Proud, The Elite, 8/12/12


    Double Edged Sword, 9/2/12
    Vicious Circles, 9/23/12

    Charles Wallace Tribute Show II, 10/7/12



    Battlefield 2012, 12/2/12
    No Shenanigans, 12/2/12
    Wrestling for the Future, 12/15/12

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